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HP TouchPad

Last Updated: 08/22/2013 By: Randytate

HP TouchPad

Kids on Computers received a generous donation of 100 touchpads from HP. These touchpads are pre-loaded with WebOS, but we may wish to install Android to provide more apps.


Initial TouchPad Activation

CyanogenMod Installation

These documents describe a set of procedures that has been used to produce a standard CyanogenMod 9 environment on an HP TouchPad. Neither the standard nor the process is fixed; they are subject to refinement.

A host system is necessary to store the files that will be downloaded to the HP TouchPad. The target HP TouchPad tablet will be physically connected by USB cable to the host system at several times during the installation and configuration. The first set of installation and configuration steps below use a PC running Windows 7 as the host system. Other host system options follow and will be described as they are developed.

Windows 7 host system
Linux host system

MacOS host system

Instructions for MacOS not yet available

CM 9 Configuration

After using Windows, Linux, or MacOS to install CyanogenMod 9, use these steps to configure the Android environment.

Kids on Computers CM 9 Configuration Information

The configuration for the CM 9 environment, including the applications, is described at

The nomenclature used is described at

Recovering a "Bricked" HP TouchPad

Did the Touchpad die during CyanogenMod install? Getting a white exclamation point on the screen? Follow these steps to try to recover: