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Subcommittee Guidelines

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Kids on Computers Subcommittees are project or event based groups consisting of a subset of KOC volunteers.

Subcommittees can be formed in the following ways:

Responsibilities of subcommittees

  • Determine goals and objectives of the subcommittee
  • Determine

Some examples: I would actually propose that we do. Sometimes it's clear what to delegate when we create a sub-committee, for example, the India group had $5,000. Other times, maybe the committee could come back and ask for authority. For example, the board could approve the Mexico group to:

  • Decide which schools to improve.
  • Decide to add new schools (or maybe the board wants to reserve that right)
  • Spend up to $5,000
  • Take as many of the remaining tablets as they can effectively use
  • Install whatever software they decide is appropriate.

And in exchange the sub-committee clearly states who will be part of the decision and reports back in the end.