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Kids on Computers Organization

Our efforts are organized as follows:

Fund Raising and PR

  • Events
  • Grants
  • Shipping-cost donations?

Hardware Donation Management

  • Install-fests
  • Management of inventory (GLPI)
  • Qualification of donations

Supported Software

  • What should we install on slow PCs? Edubuntu? Something more lightweight?
  • Educational software packages we should install and encourage use of
  • Considerations for non-connected schools (updates, offline wikipedia, etc.)
  • Localized versions of software/OS

Building and Maintaining a Lab

  • Lab selection
    • Qualifying new lab
      • School Criteria
      • Primary Contact
      • Primary Technical Contact
      • Initial Meeting
  • Lab Installation
    • Initial Trip Planning
      • When organizing a trip, what are local requirements for volunteer entry?
      • Misc travel planning, vaccinations, etc.
      • Determining equipment for lab - check country hardware requirements
        • hardware / software / network
        • Use & update the glpi db to determine which equipment we are going to use
    • Education / Training
      • On-site training plan for a new lab (reference Hermes' email)
  • Lab maintenance
    • Email with primary contact on a regular interval
    • Plan future trips (minimum yearly)
      • Education / Training
        • What's the plan for long-term maintenance and training of local teachers and support?
        • A 3-ring binder that contains all the standard operating information for the computers, from VERY basic (what are all the switches and buttons for and how to use them) to using Ubuntu basics.


Meetings / Scheduling, Agenda, Notes

Board Votes

Web sites

Mailing lists


Policy Documents