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HPTouchPad:PC Setup

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This page describes how to prepare a PC running Windows 7 prior to installing CyanogenMod 9 onto an HP TouchPad.

NOTE: This setup procedure should need to be done only once on the host system. Once these steps have been done, you can omit this procedure and go directly to Installing CM-9

The previous step to prepare the HP TouchPad was Configuring webOS.

PC Preparation

Install Novacom driver

The Novacom Installer can be obtained at:

Download the one appropriate to the PC architecture.

Running the Novacom installer will create a folder Palm, Inc in C:\Program Files

DO NOT REINSTALL Novacom if the folder C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\ already exists and is populated,

Download Install and Uninstall executables

Download ACMEInstaller3 and ACMEUninstaller from web sites:

Verify MD5 checksums against the values provided on the download page.

Move ACMEInstaller3 and ACMEUninstaller to C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\

Download the CM-9 Files

  • Prepare a folder to contain the four .zip files that will be copied to the target TouchPad. I assigned it the name:

Verify the MD5 checksums against the values provided on each download page. Move these four .zip files to the ./cminstall.dir/ folder so they can be copied to the TouchPad in one step.

  • Locate the CM-9 configuration archive you will download later to the TouchPad. The current version of the file is on Google Drive, named clockworkmod.zip and is larger than 360 MB. Download the .zip file to your host system and extract from it. It will create a directory named 2013-05- which is the format for a CM-9 archive.

The next step is Installing CM 9.