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HPTouchPad:Configuring webOS

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Configuring the webOS Environment

This page describes changes to the webOS environment to achieve a prescribed Kids on Computers configuration. Changes to webOS are minimal since the emphasis is on the Android OS. The host system that was used to develop these steps is a PC running Windows 7. Other host system options exist.

The previous step was to update webOS to 3.0.5.


  • A PC running Windows 7
    • Latest Java installed and running on Windows 7.
    • Files necessary for this step extracted and available on the PC: The Kids on Computers logo wallpaper files are on Google Drive as wallpaper.zip
  • An HP TouchPad (Tenderloin) that has been inspected, charged and updated according to previous steps.

Set the Kids on Computers logo wallpaper

  • Boot the TouchPad
  • Connect the TouchPad to the PC with the provided USB cable
    • A USB notification window will pop on TouchPad display.
    • Select USB Drive mode.
    • Windows Explorer will assign a device drive number to the TouchPad and will create a window open to the TouchPad's root directory.
On the PC
  • In the window displaying the TouchPad's root directory, open /wallpapers
  • Delete the HP-provided wallpaper .jpg files
  • Copy the 1024x1024 .jpg file with the Kids on Computers logo to this directory
  • Open /.wallpapers
    • delete the files found there and under ./thumbs
    • Copy a 1024x1024 .png file with the Kids on Computers logo to this directory
    • Copy a 64x64 .png file with the Kids on Computers logo to the ./thumbs directory.
  • Eject the TouchPad from the PC and remove the USB cable.
NOTE: Do not remove the cable without first ejecting the TouchPad.
On the TouchPad
  • In SETTINGS select Screen & Lock
  • Select Change Wallpaper
  • The TouchPad should offer only one wallpaper file option: the KoC Logo
  • Select it and verify.
  • Go to Turn off After and set it to 10 minutes.

Back Up the webOS configuration

  • In SETTINGS select Backup
    • Select Back Up Now
    • When the backup is finished, reboot
    • Verify after rebooting that the wallpaper is correct and the settings are as established above.

The process from first booting webOS to this point takes less than an hour.

The TouchPad is now ready for CyanogenMod 9 installation.

Kids on Computers Wallpaper Image

This is what the Kids on Computers wallpaper looks like. It will be identical in webOS and in CM-9.

KOC Logo Tablet Background.jpg