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Tablet Policy for School Labs

Full Notes are here: https://koc.etherpad.mozilla.org/tablets

Upfront costs and shipping

  • This cost is equivalent to the cost of getting the tablets into Mexico.
    • Currently this is 185 pesos ($15 USD) per tablet.
  • Upon receipt of funds, the KoC Treasurer will use appropriate accounting procedures to ensure that the deposit is attributed to the school(s) and funds are held in escrow


  • Tablets remain property of KOC
  • Tablets are left at the school - they are dropped off once we get the cost of shipping.
  • We will give the school administrators and computer teachers a list of the set of applications and teaching tools on the tablet.
    • The teacher is expected to come up with a curricula around using the tablets for educational purposes.
    • KOC will periodically review the use of the tablets with the school's administrators and computer teacher(s) and may suggest changes to the curricula. This is to incentivize the teachers to use the tablets effectively for educational purposes. We will usually allow the school one school year with the tablets but if a KOC volunteer happens to be in MX before the end of year, he may review the use earlier. KOC will define a list of questions and standards that will be discussed at the time of review.
  • The school has two years to return the tablets for a refund of the shipping and handling costs. At the end of the two years, the school and KOC can discuss extending the agreement if the school would like to continue to use the tablets.
  • Schools can decide ahead of time to do a local rotation
    • (e.g. 2 schools near each other can decide to share deposit cost and each school gets the tablets for 2 weeks at a time).
    • Upfront cost agreement is the same
  • Up to 10-15 Tablets per school (including 1 for the teacher) based on KOC evaluation of the school's needs.
  • We will try this process out in 2 schools. If we run into any catastrophic issues with these 2 schools, we revisit this proposal, revise it, and the board will revote.