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Last Updated: 04/27/2015 By: Randytate

List of software packages considered for use in Kids on Computers projects. See the Operating Systems page to check availability in each distro's package repository.

Desktop/Laptop Software

See full Software Package List here

Libraries, Core Utilities

Application Size in MB Provider Description Required/Critical (Y/N)
GNU Aspell spell checker English and Spanish Dictionaries
Audacious Audio player
k3b CD/DVD Authoring
CUPS Common Unix Printing System
Flash Player / Plugin Installer
GZip Y
fcitx Flexible Input Method Framework. Fixes bug with chromium input and ibus. Also allows switching between english and spanish keyboard input. Y
Language Packs Language Packs for For English and Spanish Y
Python Libraries a whole slew of python libraries
Dictionaries wamerican, wbritish, wspanish
Zip Y
p7zip Y
build-essential Includes header files that are needed by Laby Y
Language Packs Packages: language-pack-en, language-pack-en-base, language-pack-es, language-pack-es-base, language-pack-gnome-es, language-pack-gnome-es-base, language-pack-kde-es Y
Onboard On-screen keyboard Y

Administrative, Educational, Reference

Application Size in MB Provider Description Required/Critical (Y/N)
Abiword Y
Chromium Any browser will do Y - at least one browser
Evince PDF Viewer Y
Kalzium periodic table and chemistry tools for KDE N
KMPlot mathematical function plotter for KDE N
KTouch touch typing tutor for KDE N
KTurtle Logo educational programming environment for KDE N
KWordQuiz flashcard learning program for KDE N
Laby Learn how to program with ants and spider webs N
Leafpad GTK+ based simple text editor N
Libre Office Office Productivity Suite Y
Dia Create diagrams
lybniz mathematical function graph plotter N
Stellarium real-time photo-realistic sky generator N
KDE Edu Package name: kdeedu If possible
Edubuntu Educational Application Bundles ubuntu-edu-preschool, ubuntu-edu-primary, ubuntu-edu-secondary, ubuntu-edu-tertiary If possible
graphthing Create, manipulate, and study graphs
childsplay Misc educational apps (and games) for kids
mathwar Math game for kids and adults
Krita Krita is a creative application for raster images.
Synfig Studio synfig is a vector based 2D animation package.
Ubuntu Studio Studio sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins ubuntustudio-graphics ubuntustudio-video

Games and Entertainment

Application Size in MB Provider Description Required/Critical (Y/N)
Ace of Penguins N
GCompris Suite If possible
KHangman N
Tux Math Y
Tux Paint Y
Tux Type Y
Scratch Programming environment for ages 8+ Y
pySioGame Educational activity pack for kids
ri-li Train connector game.
extremetuxracer Tux game
gbrainy Mental skills / brain teaser game
gnome-sudoku Numbers game

Third Party / Custom Install

These packages require extra steps during installation on offline computers, since additional packages must be downloaded from third party sites.

Application Package Name(s) Notes
Flash Player
MS Core Fonts

Complete Package List


Tablet Software

All application software installed on a KoC TouchPad tablet is intended for use in the Android environment. The webOS environment that also exists on the tablet is not for customer use.

The following applications are offered as suggestions. All have been installed on KoC TouchPad tablets. Most require an internet connection.

Educational and Reference

Application Size in MB Provider
Google Earth 21.4 Google
Google Sky Map 2.7 Google
Google Translate 8.9 Google
Offline Spanish for Google Translate 253 Google
Firefox Browser 25.4 Mozilla
Khan Academy Viewer 5.5 Concentric Sky
Khan Academy Viewer 0.2 Widget Labs
Edmodo 2.9 Edmodo Inc.
Remind 101 4.6 Remind101
Merriam Webster Offline English Dictionary 121 Merriam Webster Inc.
Free Spanish Dictionary 4.8 Ascendo
English Dictionary Offline 10.6 Livio
Wikipedia - online 1.8 Wikimedia
Wikipedia en Espanol 1.4 Mobilestyle
Clean Master 3.2 KSMobile

Games and Entertainment

Application Size in MB Provider
Kids Connect the Dots 13.7 Intellijoy
Kids Doodle 5.8 Doodle Joy
Magic Kaleido 4.8 Doodle Joy
Paint Joy 5.8 Doodle Joy
Picasso Magic Paint 0.4 DPS World
Checkers 4.3 AI Factory
Chess 6.6 AI Factory
Tic Tac Toe 4.7 Optime
Classic Simon 1.9 Mobikats, Ltd.
SimonApp 4.6 MDEV
Red Stone 0.4 Honig
Unblock Me FREE 15.5
Sudoku Free 3.3 Genina
Wingsuit 25 Swipe Entertainment