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Offline Khan Acadamy Videos Setup


Khan Academy videos are typically accessed at [1] with video content streamed from youtube.com. We'd like to make a subset of this content available offline on a media server or laptop.

Official Khan Academy Offline Project

Someone at Khan Academy created some code help setup an offline server. The code is available only after filling out a request form here: [2]. We (Kids on Computers) have agreed to the terms and obtained a copy of this code. If you're interested, email the mailing list and we can get it to you.

The project contains Python code to run a local web server, plus some python scripts that will download specific video categories (.flv format) from Khan's storage space on Amazon S3. However, the code only seems to download in English. It's likely that we could modify this to do other languages, if someone has time.

Khan Academy on a Stick

Other groups have found offline Khan Academy videos valuable, prompting the creation of Khan Academy on a Stick. Instructions are on the site, but the basic steps are:

  • Setup a Web Server
  • FTP to ftp.mujica.org
  • Login as user: anonymous@mujica.org, pass: anonymous
  • Download the English or Spanish .zip file (approx 15-30GB)
  • Extract the .zip file into a folder somewhere
  • Update Apache to serve content from the folder

Alternatively, the .zip could be extracted on a desktop and the index.html file accessed locally.