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KOC Summit 2015

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KOC Summit

Kids on Computers is holding its first ever KOC Summit at SCALE 13x (http://southerncalifornialinuxexp.org) from February 19-22, 2015!

Planning Notes: https://koc.etherpad.mozilla.org/52

KOC Summit Agenda and Timeline

Date Time Activity Notes
Thursday 2/19 12pm Booth Setup
Friday 2/20 11am-12pm KOC Talk Prep
12pm-2pm KOC Summit Meetings
Saturday 2/21 11am-2pm KOC Summit Meetings THIS CONFLICTS WITH EXPO HALL / BOOTH
Sunday 2/22 11am-1pm KOC Summit Meetings or Installfest of remaining laptops THIS CONFLICTS WITH EXPO HALL / BOOTH
1:30pm-2:30pm KOC Talk: Kids on Computers: Enabling Education through Technology THIS CONFLICTS WITH EXPO HALL / BOOTH
3pm Booth Breakdown


4pm-evening KOC outing + dinner

Board Members