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Hardware Disposal/Recycling

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Often we receive hardware that is not usable for computer labs. Sometimes the hardware is broken, missing components, or simply to slow to run a reasonably current version of Linux. If it makes sense to keep hardware for spare parts, we should keep it. Otherwise, we should dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.




Fort Collins Area

There is an organization, Greeback Laptops[1], which has installed a drop box to collect unwanted laptops.

Their drop box is located in a major Fort Collins recycling drop-off facility, located just north of the Rivendell School on Riverside Avenue, north of E. Prospect Road. The color they have chosen for their drop box makes it easy to recognize. They request that donors wrap laptops in a padded shipping envelope before putting it through the slot and into the drop box. There is no charge to the donor.

Greenback Laptops is a for-profit organization, so they say that donations to them are not tax-deductible. They refurbish donated laptops for re-sale, and part of the profit goes to the Poudre School District.


Salt Lake County
  • Trans-Jordan Landfill - "The landfill will accept residential E-Waste (computers, monitors, televisions, radios, and phones) free of charge, limit 4 units. Residents will be charged the business rate of $8.00 per unit for more than 4 units of E-Waste (limit 10 units total)." Not open to businesses, but will accept from individuals.