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HPTouchPad:Updating webOS

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Last Updated: 07/28/2013 By: BillM

The previous step, the initial activation, should be completed.

The TouchPad has webOS 3.0.1 installed as it comes from the box. It must be updated to webOS 3.0.5 86 before proceeding.

Update the TouchPad to webOS 3.0.5

  • In the default webOS environment, move to Launcher->SETTINGS and select Updates.
  • It should find that the TouchPad can be updated to webOS 3.0.5 86
  • It will offer to update in the background or now. Select Download Now.
  • The TouchPad will download, unpack, validate and install the update, then reboot.

The update process can take twenty minutes or more.

The next step is to configure the webOS environment.