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HPTouchPad:Tablet Configuration for KoC - Android

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Tablet Identity

NOTE: Android-based tablets using the Google Play Store must be assigned an email addresses, and registered with a name.

Email Address


Use appropriate account number after checking the Tablet Inventory system in GLPI.



Recovery Email Address


The recovery email address for koc.hptouchpad.0000@gmail.com is established as koc.hptouchpad.mstr@gmail.com.


Koc Tableta

It is, of course, completely fictitious. The first name is derived from our organization's initials. It is not in conflict with any common given name in our culture or any other that I am aware of and has not been challenged by Google. For the last name I wanted one ending in a vowel since that might be accepted by a name filter as a “foreign” surname. The Spanish word for “tablet” fits nicely. This name can be used on all tablets we configure.