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HPTouchPad:Recover Bricked HP Touchpad

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During installation of CyanogenMod, sometimes the HP Touchpad is "bricked", meaning ... it won't boot into WebOS or anything else. The tablet may look like this:

To recover, try these steps

  • Go to http://ws.hpwebos.com/webosdoctor/sorry.htm
  • Click HP TouchPad
  • Click Login to Palm Profile
  • Use the e-mail address and password from the setup (koc.hptp.choiceXX@gmail.com, kockoc12).
  • Click Sign In.
  • Click Device Options.
  • Click Install WebOS Doctor.
  • Open the downloaded file and Accept and security requests.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen (mostly clicking next).

Note: The WebOS Doctor only seems to work on windows 8. I couldn't get it to work on windows 8 or Linux.

Thanks, Josh M., for finding WebOS Doctor during the CHOICE install!