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HPTouchPad:OS Objectives

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OS Objectives

  • To have the Android CM-9 environment as the TouchPad's default boot environment.
  • To have all applications installed on the Android OS, and nothing extraneous on the webOS environment.
  • To leave the webOS environment intact and bootable by selection in case the CM-9 becomes unusable.
  • To have each tablet configured identically
    • To deliver odentical webOS system, configuration, look and feel.
    • Identical CyanogenMod 9 system, configuration, look and feel.
  • To establish a Kids on Computers specific graphic as the default wallpaper for both webOS and CM-9.
  • To have each tablet established with a unique identity.
    • System name
      • webOS name
      • CM-9 name
      • email address
  • To remove all traces of the installer and the installation host system.
A gmail address requires a recovery email address. For these tablets, that recovery address likewise should not be associated with the installation host system.
  • To erase all stored connection information such as internet access (SSID, router name) and passwords.