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HPTouchPad:Linux Setup

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This page describes how to prepare a Linux machine prior to installing CyanogenMod 9 onto an HP TouchPad.

NOTE: This setup procedure should need to be done only once on the host system. Once these steps have been done, you can omit this procedure and go directly to Installing CM-9 Linux

The previous step to prepare the HP TouchPad was Configuring webOS.

Linux Preparation

System Requirements


You will need to have a recent version of Java. Download for your architecture here:

Gather Files

Create install folder

Create a folder somewhere to store various downloads. Let's call this folder:


Download all of the files listed below to your CyanogenMod9 folder.

Download Utilities and Install Files

Verify the MD5 checksums against the values provided on each download page.

Novacom Installer JAR

Download Novacom Installer .jar file from the following location to your CyanogenMod9 folder:

ACMEInstaller3 and ACMEUninstaller

Download ACMEInstaller3 and ACMEUninstaller from these sites to your CyanogenMod9 folder:

Verify MD5 checksums against the values provided on the download page.


Jcsullins MoBoot boot loader (about 186KB)


This .zip file is about 4MB

CyanogenMod 9

Download the latest nightly build .zip file for HP TouchPad. As of this writing, the latest version is from Sep 29, 2013 and is about 125MB.

Google Apps

Download the Google Apps archive for Ice Cream Sandwich (i.e. CyanogenMod9). This build is from April 24, 2012 and is about 50MB.

The next step is Installing CM 9 Linux.