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HPTouchPad:Installing CM-9 Linux

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This page describes how to install CyanogenMod 9 onto an HP TouchPad. It refers to file and directory names found in the previous step: Linux Setup.


These steps are dependent on the host system being properly set up with the correct files. All steps specified in Linux Setup should be complete before starting here.

Prepare the TouchPad

  • Boot the TouchPad to webOS.
  • Connect Linux host to the TouchPad with the provided USB cable.
  • A USB notification window will pop up on the TouchPad display.
    • Select USB Drive mode.
  • On the Linux host, you should be prompted for how to connect. Choose to "Open Folder" or equivalent.

Create the install directory

Create a directory cminstall in the webOS root directory. Precise spelling and case is essential.

Copy the following four .zip files from the Linux host (CyanogenMod9 folder) into the TouchPad /cminstall directory:

  • moboot_038-tenderloin.zip
  • cm-9-20130512-NIGHTLY-tenderloin.zip
  • update-CWM6_tenderloin-20121215.zip
  • update-gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip

Create the backup recovery directory

  • Create a directory clockworkmod in the webOS root directory.
  • Create a directory backup in the newly created /clockworkmod directory
  • Copy a CM-9 configuration archive files to the /clockworkmod/backup directory
    • This file will vary, based on the tablet group being installed (e.g. Spanish, CHOICE Humanitarian Nepal, etc.)
    • Move this restore data (as a complete directory) to /clockworkmod/backup.
    • Directory name of this backup is typically CCYY-MM-DD.HH.MM.SS/
    • Example: 2013-05-

Eject the TouchPad, then disconnect the USB cable from the TouchPad.

Shutdown the Touchpad

  • Hold down the power button until prompted to "Shut Down".


Boot the TouchPad into USB (recovery) mode

  • While holding the Volume Up button, press and hold the PowerOn button (simultaneously) until the large white USB symbol appears on the TouchPad display.
  • Connect TouchPad to the Linux host with provided USB cable.
  • On the Linux host, open a terminal session
  • Change to the CyanogenMod9 folder
  • Excute the following command:
    • novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller3
  • The prompt will return within a second or two.
  • The TouchPad display will change to the HP logo and then immediately to the Double Penguin display mode.
  • Screens of text will scroll by while the installation proceeds.
  • The TouchPad will reboot in five minutes or so.
  • Disconnect the TouchPad from the PC as it boots.

Initial Boot with moboot

Moboot should present multiple boot selections, and it should default to CyanogenMod 9 after a timeout of about five seconds. To change the selection from this interface, use the Volume Up/Down buttons. To make a selection, use the tablet's main selection button (sometimes called the "Home" button).

Allow the TouchPad to boot to CM-9. It takes two or more minutes to reboot. You should now be running in the Android Ice Cream Sandwich environment.

Install gapps

In order to install additional packages, such as Google Apps, we use ClockworkMod.

  • Press and hold the Power button on the tablet.
  • Choose Restart. A second menu will appear.
  • Choose the Bootloader option.
  • When the moboot Bootloader screen appears, change to ClockworkMod
  • Choose:
    • Install zip from sdcard
    • choose file from sdcard
    • /sdcard/cminstall/gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip
    • Yes - Install /sdcard/cminstall/gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip
  • Installation takes about a minute
  • Restart the tablet by following these steps:
    • Go Back
    • Reboot system now

Proceed to the the next step to configure the CM-9 environment.