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HPTouchPad:Customer Profile

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Author: Bill M.

Who is the intended user (i.e. The Customer)?


  • From five to twelve years

Education Level

  • Kindergarten to sixth grade


  • Typical user's gender should be irrelevant.

Country of residence and language

  • Mexico
    • Either Spanish or indigenous language (e.g. Mixteca) is the student's primary language; the other would be their second language. English may be taught in the school but we cannot expect any level of English fluency from the students.
  • India
    •  ?

Geographic Area

  • Urban
    • City of 15,000 to 1,000,000
  • Rural
    • Village/town of 200 to 3,000. Rural schools may not meet technical qualifications for the tablet program.

Socioeconomic Environment

  • Urban school children may come from lower income families or from middle to upper-middle class or all of the above together in any grade.
  • Rural school children are likely to come from lower income families.
  • Students' home circumstances should not affect the tablet contents.

This profile presumes a classroom and one or more teachers. The profile excludes the teacher. Although the first tablet delivery should be to a primary school, later deliveries to other schools should address educational levels above sixth grade.