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Grants: Bios

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Robin "Stormy" Peters - Director, President

Robin "Stormy" Peters is an information technology industry analyst and prominent free and open source software (FOSS) advocate, promoting business use of FOSS. She advocates as a consultant and conference speaker. She co-founded, and was later appointed as executive director of the GNOME Foundation. She is currently head of Developer Engagement at Mozilla.

Ragavan Srinivasan - Director, Vice President

Ragavan Srinivasan works as a Product Manager at Mozilla building a better web. He manages Mozilla's Services initiatives including the Firefox Sync project. Prior to Mozilla, Ragavan worked on various open source initiatives at VMware Inc. and Hewlett-Packard.

Robin Kimzey - Director, Secretary

Robin Kimzey is currently working as a technology technician at a K-12 public school in Colorado Springs, CO. Before that he was a staff consultant at a Denver based consulting corporation.

Robin has a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science degree that he received from Hawaii Pacific University in 1999 and is currently finishing up a Master's of Engineering in Information Assurance degree at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Mary "Serena" Thomas Robb - Director, Treasurer

Serena Robb invests a lot of her time in the non-profit world. She helped start Kids On Computers, and is a board member for Steppin' Out, Inc, a non-profit that assists youth who have emancipated while in foster care. She is also an advocate, through CASA, Inc., for children who are in the court system due to neglect and abuse. Prior to this, she was an engineering manager at Hewlett-Packard.

Kees DenHartigh - Director

Kees DenHartigh worked as a Systems and Network Administrator and Supervisor at the University of Alberta Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. He has been a Linux and Open Source advocate since 1996 and has spent many years building Linux Computer labs.

He is also active in his own community and other international organizations with IT management and social media as a volunteer.

After retiring in 2009 he made 2 trips to Huajuapan Mexico to assist Hermes and Thomas with the 18 deMarzo lab.

Belinda Lopez - Director

Belinda Lopez has fifteen years of experience in creating innovative learning environments. From pre-school settings to the highest levels of corporate management and even astronauts, her goal is to use technology in new and innovative ways to make learning an enjoyable experience for both learners and teachers. She is currently responsible for education at Canonical, Ltd and is always looking to expand her knowledge of the Open Source world and particularly Ubuntu Linux.

Alex Mayorga Adame - Director

Alex Mayorga Adame works as a consultant with Softtek as an open source subject matter expert for the world's largest financial services network, Citi. Previously he worked in IT at UNID Zacatecas.

He received a BSc in Information Systems Engineering at ITESM Campus Zacatecas.

He is interested in the transformation power of open source technologies and as a hobby, he tests development builds and contributes bug reports to Mozilla's Firefox and Canonical's Ubuntu.

Thomas Peters - Director

Thomas Peters has over thirty years of experience teaching English as a second language to people all over the world. He's lived and taught in places around the world from small villages north of the Artic Circle to international locations like Japan and Europe. Thomas has also taught all ages and walks of life from kids to college students to business people. He also has experience teaching English in developing countries.

Thomas has a Masters degree in Spanish from the University of Iowa. He matches his love for languages with a passion for travel and enjoys meeting interesting people.